April 27, 2019

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! You’re getting ready to celebrate your future together with the one person on this earth that makes you mind-numbingly, effervescently happy. How romantic is that?

Maybe you’ve dreamed of the beautiful details of this day your entire life, or you’re only beginning to explore the glamourous world of modern matrimony. Whether your wedding aims to be an elegant, flower-filled occasion filled with live music and dancing, or a low-key affair with only your family, closest friends, and maybe a new pair of shoes, your day will be exactly perfect for you and your beau. And your lingerie should be, too.

Bridal lingerie isn’t just what you wear beneath your dress at the ceremony; it’s what you wear after the event, too. Just like the rest of your wedding, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow in tradition’s footsteps, or to pave your own way forward. It’s your chance to wear lingerie you’d never wear otherwise, or to buy the ideal lingerie set you’ve always dreamed about.


Whether you’re a seasoned lingerie lover or delicately dipping your toe into the world of luxury lingerie, we’re here to help you buy your perfect bridal lingerie, from beneath your gown at the ceremony to behind closed doors on the wedding night.

How will you get ready?

The hours spent getting prepared for your wedding, whether you savor them in quiet solitude or celebrate them with your closest friends and family, are so important. These are the last moments of your single life, so luxuriate accordingly!


Fine silk loungewear is the perfect thing to wear while you’re getting ready. Fabrics that match the color scheme of your wedding not only look fantastic in photos, but they immediately remind you that yes, this is your wedding day! If you’re sensitive to air conditioning or are celebrating in the colder months, warm over-the-knee or thigh-high socks are a sumptuous way to keep comfortable while still feeling elegant. Add a lace bralette and silk knickers beneath your loungewear for a lush ensemble.


No matter what you choose to wear for getting ready, be sure that your top has a front opening, like a romantic tie-front robe, or a button-up tailored pajama set. You won’t want to smear your makeup or fluff up your perfectly coiffed hair with loungewear that pulls over your head.

What does your dress require?

Your wedding night lingerie does not have to be the same lingerie you wear beneath your dress! Changing after the ceremony is totally allowed. However, what you do wear beneath your dress is just as important: It provides your literal foundation for the day.


Although there’s no outfit that truly requires certain lingerie, some wedding dresses are constructed to be worn with certain bra styles, and some tailors prefer sewing support lingerie into dresses during fitting. If you’re interested in wearing shapewear for a smooth or modified silhouette, dress styles with particularly low backs or unique cut-out details might require very specific shapewear styles. Bridal shapewear options are practically endless, and you can find something for nearly every wedding dress. If you’re unsure about what lingerie you need for your dress, ask your tailor or the sales assistant at the bridal shop for their advice.


If you want or need to wear a strapless bra with your dress, be sure to measure yourself first. A well-fitted, high quality strapless bra won’tfall down, and will keep you from hoisting up your outfit all night. If strapless bras in your size feel uncomfortable, consider a bustier. This will distribute the weight of your breasts over a larger part your torso, and can provide waist and hip shaping, if you so desire.


After you’ve discovered the ideal foundation to wear beneath your dress, the most important aspect of wedding ceremony lingerie is wearing the entire lingerie ensemble during dress fittings. If you go to the tailor in different lingerie than what you plan to wear to your wedding, it might not fit you the same way on the big day, and you could discover things you could have prevented earlier—like, say, seeing your garters through the skirt of your gown. Solve these easily-preventable mishaps by purchasing your foundation lingerie before your first fitting at the tailor.


If your dress doesn’t require anything specific, why not wear something fabulously grand beneath it? Don’t be afraid to wear some cheeky (literally) ouvert panties beneath your dress, or sparkling rhinestone-bedazzled nipple covers. Alternatively, wear a soft pair of organic cotton knickers for a little bit of comfort on a big day. Have a little fun with it and make it your own—especially if you’re planning on changing after the ceremony.

What have you always dreamt of?

Just like finding the beautiful dress you’ve always imagined, consider the lingerie you’ve always dreamed of. When you close your eyes and imagine yourself in your bridal lingerie, what do you see? Sweetly cozy loungewear for snuggling up with your beau? A dramatic multi-piece lingerie set, complete with matching stockings, heels, and accessories? An incredibly detailed strappy bodysuit, wrapping you up like a present for your new life partner? A vintage-inspired chemise and robe set in pretty pastel shades like your bouquet?


This special occasion is your chance to follow your biggest dreams. Nothing has to be “too much” for this momentous occasion.


Even if you’ve never thought about your perfect wedding lingerie, consider the lingerie on your dream wishlist. If you get heart eyes every time you think of the hand-cut applique lace along the hem of a fine silk nightgown, why not find one to slip into after the ceremony? Or, if there’s a certain designer you’ve followed for years, this might be the occasion to finally buy a full set from them.


You don’t have to wear a white, ruffled lingerie for your wedding night. In fact, your wedding is the perfect time to wear the most beautiful, luxurious lingerie you’ve always dreamed of, but never thought you had the opportunity to wear.

What traditions do you want to follow?

No matter what tradition states, you do nothave to wear anything specific on your wedding day. If the idea of following a certain lingerie expectation makes you cringe, don’t do it! However, certain colors, motifs, and garments that are traditionally “bridal” can be fun to play with, too. You could wear these whenever you want, but why not embrace the one time it’s downright expected?


An angelic white lingerie set is probably the most traditional wedding lingerie. Even if you’re wearing an ivory, champagne, or vibrantly-colored dress, you can pair a lacy white bra and panty set with matching ivory hold-up stockings for a classic wedding night ensemble. Skirted white garter belts bring to mind a fancy wedding dress, and white knickers with side-tie bows are as fun to remove as the dress itself.


This concept also provides a fun way to play with extravagance when you’re eloping. Why not go all-out traditional for a big surprise after a small, casual wedding?


Bridal lingerie is also a fun way to add that ceremonial “something blue” to your ensemble for good luck. Pale robin’s egg blue is the most traditional hue of bridal blue, and many designers make white lingerie with pale blue details specifically for this special occasion, but no shade is necessarily the “right” shade of blue for your wedding lingerie. Find the hue that makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin and go for it.


Another way to add that something blue?With a thigh garter. Thigh garters, also called wedding garters or bridal garters, are rising in popularity for non-bridal lingerie ensembles, but they’re certainly not a part of most people’s daily wardrobes, making them a fun addition to your bridal lingerie—especially when you buy one to match the rest of your lingerie set.


If you’d like to wear a thigh garter beneath your dress during the wedding, consider selecting one that coordinates with the lace, beading, and other details on your gown. Alternatively, you could try a completely opposite style for a fun surprise, whether or not you plan on having your partner remove it during the ceremony. If your daily style is a little edgier than your wedding ensemble lets on, a wedding garter with heavy hardware and dramatic black elastic could secretly bring your personality into your ethereal ensemble.


If your dress is a mermaid cut or similarly snug around the thighs, make sure you select a garter that is soft or dainty enough to not be seen beneath your dress. Wearing a ball gown with a full skirt? Bring on the pearls, ruffles, and thick lace applique! A carefully handcrafted thigh garter makes a fantastic heirloom piece that you can pass down to future generations. If you want to splurge on one piece of wedding lingerie, a bridal garter is a fun, cost-efficient direction to go.

What makes you happy?


At the end of the day, this is your wedding day, and you’re allowed to wear exactly what you want. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to wear something fantastic and over-the-top, no matter what your everyday life is like. Your lingerie can be as lavish as you always wish you could be; as sexy as you feel beneath your casual clothing; as romantic as you feel when you’re at your beloved’s side.


If your wedding is modern and chic, but part of you wants to celebrate all the classic, bubbly romance you read about in books as a young child, why not explore that with some frilly lace lingerie for your wedding night? If you’ve tried tons of pastel lingerie sets for your wedding night and wish you could just change into your normal shades of black and more black after the party, you absolutely can and should. If your party will be a spectacular event from start to finish, but you just want to come home afterwards and lounge on the sofa with your new beau, find some cashmere leggings or a silk nightshirt to elevate your evening without any extra expectations. There are truly no “musts” when it comes to bridal lingerie.

What about the honeymoon?

After all the happy tears and grand emotions from the big day have settled down, it’s time to look forward to the next best part of getting married: a romantic trip alone with your new life partner.


The most important part about shopping for your honeymoon lingerie is considering the climate of your destination. If you’re headed somewhere hot and beachy, look for lingerie in natural fabrics like silk satin and airy cotton voile, perhaps in vibrant, tropical colors. If you’re looking to get cozy in a winter wonderland, wrap yourself in cashmere robes and knit bralettes.


Your honeymoon is also a great time to try new styles you never thought you could pull off in your daily life. What about bold prints? An incredibly beautiful cup-less bra? Some very sheer lingerie you’d never be able to answer the door in? After all, this isn’t your daily life—this is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation celebrating your love.


And since this is a time set aside specifically to enjoy each other’s company, don’t be afraid to bring extra lingerie and loungewear. No matter how packed your itinerary is, it will remind you to focus on simply being together.


Just like your partnership with your future spouse, nothing about bridal lingerie should be done out of obligation, but rather out of joy. Celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life by wearing lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and radiant, no matter what that means to you.