Lingerie Gift Buying Guide for Men

Lingerie Gift Buying Guide for Men

April 27, 2019

Lingerie is truly the perfect gift. Whether it’s for a birthday or anniversary, a romantic getaway or a holiday like Valentine’s Day, or just for a fun surprise, luxury lingerie can be a fun, sexy, romantic present that she can enjoy for much longer than one night. 

But buying lingerie for your girlfriend, wife, partner, or paramour can be confusing—especially if you’ve never done it before. Beyond the obvious questions of color and style, lingerie can have particular sizing challenges. Plus, different people have different levels of comfort with intimate apparel. So where do you even start?

First, let us introduce you to your secret weapon: Club Evellier. When you sign up, you’ll be able to create a profile for every important woman in your life. Our system will email you a reminder before important dates like birthdays and Valentine’s Day, so you’ll never forget. Best of all, you’ll be able to input their lingerie and clothing sizes, and save lingerie styles you think they’ll love. Shopping for lingerie will never be a challenge again.

But what sizes do you need from her? And what styles make great gifts? Once you’ve signed up on our website, it’s time to fill in those blanks. We’re here to help you find the perfect lingerie for your beloved.

Selecting the right pieces

When you’re thinking of gifting a sexy lingerie set, your first impulse might be to buy whatever lingerie ensemble you dream of seeing her in. After all, you see her in a beautiful light, and you want her to see herself in that light as well! But in order to achieve that, consider how she’llfeelin whatever lovely lingerie you buy her. If you buy something she’ll be happy and feel comfortable in, that light will come out effortlessly. 

So before you take the plunge, ask yourself: is it something she’llwant to wear? If she feels comfortable in an item, she’ll feel sexy, and that’s the ultimate goal.

If you think a certain style might be too bold for her, consider an option that flirts with the concept. For instance, if you love cupless bras but you’re unsure if she’ll feel comfortable in one, you could look for a full-coverage sheer mesh bra, or a quarter-cup bra offering a little more coverage and support. If she insists on only wearing high-waist knickers, maybe look for a high-waist bikini with high-cut, retro-style leg openings, to show a little skin without making her feel exposed.

And when you’re considering what she might like to wear, remember that women’s lingerie isn’t just bras and panties. In fact, lingerie pieces like robes, slip dresses, sheer camisoles, and bustiers can be super sexy, and often work into her daily life, as well. There’s nothing more luxurious than slipping into a silk robe after a hot shower, and a good bustier can be worn under that date night dress any day of the week.

Once you’ve found a piece of high end lingerie you think she’d love and feel perfect in, consider buying the coordinating pieces. Lingerie brands will typically sell matching pieces for every lingerie set, making your job of finding a full outfit easy! Find the name of the item you’re buying, and search the website for the same name. You’ll likely come up with a list of coordinating items, perfectly designed to go together.

If you buy a garter belt, or a garment with clipping garter straps attached, make sure to purchase a pair of stockings as well. If the ensemble you’ve selected doesn’t have garter straps but you think she’d like legwear to match, make sure to find stay-up, or hold-up, stockings. These have silicone grips on the back, so they stay up against the thighs without any additional assistance.

Finding her size

Getting the size right is the trickiest part of lingerie shopping for a partner. Just like with regular women’s clothing, there’s little consistency in sizing between lingerie brands, and that difference can make bras difficult to fit. So even if you know she normally wears a 32C, a 32C bra won’t fit her in everystyle. 

Because of that, we invite you to look into buying items that come in lettered sizes, like "small” and "medium,” rather than items that have a cup size, like 34A or 36D.

If you do decide to buy her a bra with a cup size, we suggest asking her upfront for the size she likes to wear. The possibility of ruining the surprise is better than gifting her an item she might not be able to wear! And when you do ask for her size, make sure it includes both a number and a letter, like 34C. She might "wear a C cup,” but that letter doesn’t mean anything without the number; a 32C is a different size than a 36C. The number represents the size of her ribcage, and the letter represents her breast volume in relation tothat number. 

If it sounds confusing, it’s because it is! Even people who regularly buy bras can feel frustrated by bra sizing. If you want to buy her a bra and avoid this issue, look for a bralette. These are wireless bras with less structure than regular bras, often available in sizes like "small” and "medium.” This makes them an easier option for gifting. We generally recommend buying her a bralette in the same size that she’d buy a t-shirt.

If you have no idea what sizes she wears in general, flexibly-sized items like robes, swingy chemises, and even stretchy knickers can be excellent gifts. Pair them with a pair of fancy nipple covers, matching stockings or knit high socks, or a unique thigh garter for an excellent gift that’s guaranteed to fit.

Shopping for her style

The world of lingerie offers so much more than sexy red push-up bras and barely-there thongs. Just like the rest of fashion, lingerie is available in varieties of styles, from sweet and demure to edgy and erotic. When you really want to impress her, consider buying her lingerie in a style she’ll truly appreciate. But what is her style?

One easy way of answering this question is to look at her existing lingerie and buy her something similar. However, we don’t necessarily recommend doing this! This is a gift, a special surprise for a special occasion. Why not buy her something she’d never buy herself? She might wear skin tone cotton bras everyday, but that doesn’t mean it’s allshe’ll wear, or even all she wants to wear. She might just never think to put her money towards exotic lingerie. You can buy something unique and unusual for her that she’ll actually want to put on—you just have to look for the right clues.

Start by checking out the style of the clothing she wears every day. Is her wardrobe elegant and elevated, with a closet full of designer labels? Look into gifting her a luscious silk lingerie set, detailed with fine lace. Does she always wear feminine sundresses and pastel hues? Select something romantic and frilly in a color that will match her favorite dress. Have you neverseen her wear anything other than black? It might sound safe, but a black lingerie set is classic, sexy, and guaranteed to make her happy. 

But don’t let this turn you off from buying something totally unexpected. If she’s a total risk-taker and you love trying new things together, why not buy her the exotic lingerie of your dreams? No matter what you buy, the most important thing to consider while you’re shopping for her is her point of view.

Wrapping it up

So you’ve selected the perfect lingerie to give her. Congratulations! She’ll be so excited to wear her new gifts. But if you’ve never shopped for luxury lingerie before, you might be surprised at the prices when you head to the checkout page. Why do such tiny garments cost so much, when they use so little fabric?

The fact is, material costs are one of the smallestpercentages of the cost of lingerie. Unlike other manufacturing industries that have been modernized with automated systems, all clothing is still made by humans. That means alllingerie is handmade by highly skilled workers operating sewing machines, and sometimes sewing on details like bows and ribbons by hand. Because these detailed garments take a lot of knowledge and time to manufacture, most of the cost of lingerie is the manufacturing cost.

Lingerie also has some of the lowest markups in the fashion industry, meaning lingerie companies make even less on their products than fashion companies. And when it comes to luxury lingerie in particular, you might be paying a bit more, but the quality and workmanship will show—and she’ll notice your investment. After all, fine lingerie can last a lifetime.

When you receive your order, be sure to wrap it beautifully and present it to her in private, preferably at a time when she’ll be able to try it on and you’ll have all the time in the world to admire her in it. And once she has it on, continue to keep the focus on her. Ask her how she feels in her new lingerie. Shower her with compliments. Give her all of your attention and all of your admiration. Make sure she feels as beautiful as you always know she is. Making the gift about her needs will ensure she feels sexy—which is the point, after all!

At the end of the day, whatever lingerie you purchase for your partner should be something she’ll love as much as you. When she loves the lingerie she puts on, she’ll feel confident and sexy—and nothing is more important than that.