Our five favourite lingerie blogs

Our five favourite lingerie blogs

January 18, 2019

If, like us, you like all things lingerie, you’ll be interested to know that a wealth of bloggers nonspecialist in all things intimate apparel. Whatever look you go for, it’s likely there’s a blogger out there who can help guide you towards some new and emerging designers, alongside the crème de la crème of classic lingerie. Read on for our pick of the five best lingerie bloggers around…


The Lingerie Addict


The world’s largest lingerie blog, and one of the few fashion blogs dedicated exclusively to intimate apparel, The Lingerie Addict was founded in 2008 by Cora Harrington. Founded on the idea that lingerie is fashion too, and that it deserves just as much attention, discussion, and critique as the mainstream fashion and beauty industries, The Lingerie Addict believes that lingerie really is for everyone - that lingerie is for everybody – no matter their size, race, sexuality, age, ability, or gender. 


Bustles and Bullets


Bustles and Bullets is one of the most beautiful underwear blogs around, founded by Toronto-based pinup model, lingerie enthusiast and vintage obsessive Holly Harlott. Featuring stunning photos of the model alongside from a plethora of stunning lingerie brands, the focus of Bustles and Bullets is on Canadian lingerie designers, a refreshing change from more US- and UK-centric blogs.



The Lingerie Raven


A firm favourite among lingerie addicts is the popular blog, The Lingerie Raven.An image-rich blog made up of lingerie reviews and more serious topics such as 5 tips for cervical screenings, she offers her readers in depth reviews of all things lingerie and covers everything from sweet and light pastels to coquettish jewel tones – but more than anything The Lingerie Raven captures the feeling of wearing lingerie perfectly. Showcasing both noteworthy and niche brands, it’s a dream destination for anyone with a penchant for underwear.


Morning Madonna


A self-confessed small busted lingerie blogger from Scotland, Morning Madonna was born from the frustration of not being able to find reviews of lingerie suited to small breasted women. Morning Madonna has one of the most carefully curated lingerie collection's we've seen and she does a wonderful job of selecting and showcasing the best small lingerie brands along with a few cult favorites, with a rich enthusiasm and passion for underwear.Her blog features the type of stunning editorial style imagery synonymous with high fashion magazines and she frequently features some some really well thought out pieces on lingerie.


Lace and Haze


This semi-anonymous Australian blogger is a Sydney-based lingerie addict who features everything from gift guides to lingerie reviews, to 10 ways to style a slip, to where to shop for underwear in the wake of the Victoria’s Secret scandal. With a passion for practical and a focus on both vintage cuts and stunning craftsmanship,the underwear showcased on Lace and Haze isn't just beautiful, but also serves a purpose and is ideal for anyone wanting to creating a classic retro silhouette. We particular love her If I had a million dollars post – a frequently updated feature in which the underwear blogger has created her ultimate lingerie wishlist.